Independent consulting


Based on more than 15 years of experience in HR activities, IFD Projects porvides its knowledges in HR tools desing and building, Project management to clients of any size, using precise missions :

  1. Audit of existing systems

  2. Analysis of needs

  3. Online or resident solutions design

  4. Project management

  5. HR tools building

  6. HR Extranet

  7. Data collection, processing and rendering

  8. Surveys and questionnaires

  9. Social barometers

  10. Etc...

Our aim : Be the third-party trustee for data storage and rendering, essential component to obtain a sincere internal information rendering, mainly for psycho-social risk management.

Our very light structure allows us to be very reactive and to deal with any specific professional environment, working as an external provider as well as through a classical working contract.


IFD Projects

Centre MBE 143

129 avenue de Genève

74000 Annecy



  1. Project analysis and driving

  2. HR tools design and creation

  3. HR Extranet creation

  4. Surveys and questionnaires


  1. External provider

  2. Full time working contract

  3. Part time working contract

Our knowledges