Using all of our experience in designing and producing professional online surveys, IFD Projects propose a large online questionnaire service, from survey production/publication to data rendering and integration within larger systems.

We endeavour to create client custom questionnaires, including an easy-to-use interface for the user as well as a very simple and intuitive management interface for the supervisor. According to the client and the tool needs, a range of functional tools can be added to the main solution.

Hosted by ourselves, we guarantee our survey tools, clients and interviewees a full neutrality, respect and confidentiality of collected data, security of stored and exchanged data (SSL link), anonymous data rendering to allow, mostly for social barometers services, to obtain a reporting as close to reality as possible.

Deployment can be done on a dedicated internet website, on your own internet website, on your Intranet or on a dedicated Extranet. concerning data rendering, you can choose between a basic restitution of anonymous data, graphic analysis (Excel) that can be easily added to a report, a dynamic HTML online report or a pdf file to download.

Surveys functionalities :

  1. User-friendly error and warning management

  2. advanced input validation functions (« 3 answers max », conditional input fields…)

  3. Advanced online administration interface

  4. Personalized opening and reminders mails

  5. Automatic user name and passwords generation for specific peer-groups surveys

Classical usage of the solution :

  1. Social barometers

  2. Data collection

  3. Opened or restricted surveys

  4. Etc...

It is possible to extend the solution to HR Intranet solutions, multidimensional evaluation systems, evolution analysis…


An anonymous data collection, processing and rendering service